Very Plane Style

Very Plane Style


The third and last in a series of aviation-themed posts brings us to the point when things go too far and you get lost in the design equivalent of the Bermuda Triangle.

I’m speaking, of course, about the extraordinary eyesore that is the Restoration Hardware Aviator Collection:



Instead, why not bring actual airplane parts into your home or office? has just such a roundup, which includes pieces like this office table made from a jumbo jet engine:


This bed, which looks like it belongs at the end of a James Bond movie, when the plane explodes and then parachutes Bond, girl and bed down to earth:

rryalelpl16ipsjlal48I assume this ejector-seat chair is for office use. A very efficient way to let an employee know he’s been fired:


Finally from Gizmodo, here’s a sink made from landing gear door:


There are more subtle ways to add aviation flair to your living space. currently has this vintage cockpit triptych, price $200 per panel:


Or you could just go all-out:


Because if this bedroom doesn’t make you dream you can fly every night, there’s not much more you can do.