The Man In The Brooks Brothers Home

The Man In The Brooks Brothers Home


Brooks Brothers’ iconic buttondown shirt inspired a piece of literature — Mary McCarthy’s 1947 story “The Man In The Brooks Brothers Shirt” — but the brand also offers items to ensure your home is equally well dressed.

Tucked away in a corner of the women’s floor at Brooks’ Madison Avenue flagship (in fact, right next to the ladies’ powder room), is a selection of mostly masculine pictures on the wall:


While nearby are lamp shades and throw pillows in the same regimental stripes as the neckties Brooks has made for eons:


Also nearby are bed linens inspired by shirting fabrics:


On BB’s website, items for the home include this $500 limited edition football print:


 There are other high-end items, including these Audobon crystal glasses at $498 for a set of four:

404F_AS-SHOWNIn contrast, this Pendleton blanket is on sale for a mere $89:


And these burgundy bath towels are on sale for a reasonable $24 and feature herringbone detailing:


So far, alas, the company has yet to put its patchwork chairs into production: