Bathroom Humor



Weekends are the time to relax and unwind. Same applies to our content. Somehow this guest post by Matthew Karl Gale just wouldn’t feel right on a Monday morning.

* * *

Last weekend I cheered on the ponies at the Kentucky Derby at a party held at the venerable 21 Club in Manhattan. It’s a great way to participate in sports, and by participate I mean downing Mint Juleps and bar snacks.

Once the race slips were handed over and the bar tab settled, I went to heed the call of nature. The mens restroom was a pleasant surprise, as it features some whimsical murals that survived a rennovation several years ago. They are the work of Charles “Top Hat” Baskerville, and feature mischievous patrons uirnating in unusual fashion.

Most bathrooms are designed with a hushed sterility in mind, and these murals are a fresh reminder that masculine interiors can also be  amusing. It’s a great relief to see that some venues still have a sense of humor, and nowhere more appropriate than when applied to the restroom. — MATTHEW KARL GALE