Circa 1900 Brooks Brothers Antique Dining Table

Circa 1900 Brooks Brothers Antique Dining Table

Yesterday a reader alerted me that currently on eBay there is a table from Brooks Brothers’ Madison Avenue flagship that dates from 1900. Although the listing describes it as a work table, it’s also possible that it was a display…

Big Box Retailer: Restoration Hardware's Steamer Trunk Secretary

Big Box Retailer: Restoration Hardware’s Steamer Trunk Secretary

There are pros and cons to everything. When it comes to working at home, the flexibility is countered by the oppressive sense that you never get to clock out. It can often feel like a gilded cage. This weekend Restoration…

Step Into Don Draper's Office

Step Into Don Draper’s Office

One week ago “Mad Men” came to an end, though it will no doubt be binge-watched for many years to come. Coming to an end in a couple of weeks, for those in New York, is the “Mad Men” exhibit…

Linley's Gentleman's Chair

Linley’s Gentleman’s Chair

This month the David Linley brand sent out an email plugging its “gentleman’s chair.” Depending on your definition of the word, you may find the furniture less than gentlemanly. The model pictured here, however, can certainly convey the impression of…

Gilt's Bachelor Pad Essentials

Gilt’s Bachelor Pad Essentials

Yesterday Gilt Groupe sent out an email promoting its “bachelor pad essentials.” The collection includes dozens of items all in the same midcentury vein, and are on sale through tomorrow. Here are a few items that caught my eye.  

The Rowing Blazers Boathouses

The Rowing Blazers Boathouses

Guest post by Jack Carlson * * * “Rowing Blazers,” which I published last year, is a book with a clear focus: the club jackets worn by oarsmen and women around the world. But the book was never just about…

Twee-dle-Dumb: Wes Anderson's Bar Luce

Twee-dle-Dumb: Wes Anderson’s Bar Luce

If you weren’t already familiar with the word twee — “affectedly dainty or quaint” is the first definition at — then you probably learned it while reading about filmmaker Wes Anderson. This past week Anderson debuted Bar Luce, a…

Bathroom Humor

Bathroom Humor

  Weekends are the time to relax and unwind. Same applies to our content. Somehow this guest post by Matthew Karl Gale just wouldn’t feel right on a Monday morning. * * * Last weekend I cheered on the ponies…

The Preppiest Office In America

The Preppiest Office In America

Yesterday Bloomberg put up a piece on Vineyard Vines’ new Stamford, CT headquarters, dubbing the space “the preppiest office in America.” It could certainly lay claim to being the most nautical. Climb aboard the video segment below.

Ancient Discovery: BBC's 2005 Egypt Docudrama

Ancient Discovery: BBC’s 2005 Egypt Docudrama

Last week a recommended title popped up in my Netflix streaming queue. Its title was simply “Egypt,” and I scrolled past it wondering when exactly I would be in the mood for a documentary about ancient Egypt. But a few…