Classic Style

Classic Style

Screen shot from “The Human Stain,” in which Anthony Hopkins plays a classics professor with an elegant home. Note pictures mounted to bookcase.

Step Into Don Draper's Office

Step Into Don Draper’s Office

One week ago “Mad Men” came to an end, though it will no doubt be binge-watched for many years to come. Coming to an end in a couple of weeks, for those in New York, is the “Mad Men” exhibit…

Ancient Discovery: BBC's 2005 Egypt Docudrama

Ancient Discovery: BBC’s 2005 Egypt Docudrama

Last week a recommended title popped up in my Netflix streaming queue. Its title was simply “Egypt,” and I scrolled past it wondering when exactly I would be in the mood for a documentary about ancient Egypt. But a few…

On The Occasion Of The Bard's Birthday

On The Occasion Of The Bard’s Birthday

Today is the birthday of William Shakespeare, who would have been — well, pretty damn old. In pondering a post in his honor I thought of the film adaptations, and the first one that came to mind was Kenneth Branagh’s…

In With Flynn

In With Flynn

I just came across a 2013 biopic about Errol Flynn called “The Last Of Robin Hood.” It’s set not during the screen star’s swashbuckling heyday, but during his final years in the late ’50s. Kevin Kline gives a fantastic performance…