Sigmund Freud's Office

Sigmund Freud’s Office

Recently I watched the film “A Dangerous Method,” in which Michael Fassbender portrays Carl Jung opposite Viggo Mortensen’s Sigmund Freud. There are extensive scenes set in Freud’s office, which is lined with books, modern art, and packed with figurines from…

Big Box Retailer: Restoration Hardware's Steamer Trunk Secretary

Big Box Retailer: Restoration Hardware’s Steamer Trunk Secretary

There are pros and cons to everything. When it comes to working at home, the flexibility is countered by the oppressive sense that you never get to clock out. It can often feel like a gilded cage. This weekend Restoration…

Step Into Don Draper's Office

Step Into Don Draper’s Office

One week ago “Mad Men” came to an end, though it will no doubt be binge-watched for many years to come. Coming to an end in a couple of weeks, for those in New York, is the “Mad Men” exhibit…

The Preppiest Office In America

The Preppiest Office In America

Yesterday Bloomberg put up a piece on Vineyard Vines’ new Stamford, CT headquarters, dubbing the space “the preppiest office in America.” It could certainly lay claim to being the most nautical. Climb aboard the video segment below.

Take A Seat

Take A Seat

From our inbox: Sir, I am looking for advice on the proper office chair. I want something very traditional. My quandary is tufted or non-tufted. I’ve always leaned non-tufted but I am being told by many that tufted is more…